L´unite Hermetique is a French compressor company owned by the TECUMSEH group.

Tecumseh company is known for bringing new and innovative products, customers can always rely on product quality and performance. Tecumseh has responded to the challenges in the refrigeration and air conditioning market for more than seven decades, leading with improved products and services. The company is committed to quality control and has the highest quality ratings from major refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers.

Start of production

They developed the first “hermetic” compressor for consumer refrigerators in 1937. As the name Tecumseh itself became synonymous with commercial refrigeration, they expanded their product line to include the production of automotive air compressors in 1953. The company’s reputation was further enhanced in 1959. when they developed the first high-speed hermetically sealed compressor for commercial applications.

Company focus

Although their focus on production is constant, Tecumseh has invested heavily in research and development of engineering laboratories in North America, Europe, South America and India. They have partnered with universities around the world on research and development projects. These projects are not only responsible for engineering production solutions, but also for preserving the environment.

Global production

Products can be quickly obtained from production facilities on four continents.

TECUMSEH has the following products in its product range:

– Reciprocating hermetic compressors with fixed speed, energy efficient and reliable for home refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration-series compressors

– Rotary compressors, highly efficient compressors provide reliable operation, reduced noise level and maximum flexibility with the possibility of vertical and horizontal mounting for air conditioning and refrigeration applications

– Scroll compressors with fixed speed VS series provide the latest technological advances in efficiency and reliability. They are intended for work in commercial refrigeration installations

– Variable speed compressors-IntelliCOOL intended for operation with alternating current (AC) and Masterflux intended for operation with direct current (DC)

– Condensing units (aggregates)

Master Frigo Sales offers its customers year-round delivery of TECUMSEH hermetic reciprocating compressors of the AE, CAJ, FH-XG, FH-XC, TAG series and certain models of condenser units of the CAJN series, and other models of compressors and units can be ordered for delivery from the manufacturer.