RIVACOLD is an Italian manufacturer:

– refrigeration systems (compressor-condenser units, split systems, multicompressor units, integrated systems)

– heat exchangers (static and dynamic evaporators, air-cooled condensers, CO2 gas coolers and compact condensers)

– cooling systems for trucks

Rivacold was founded in 1966. as a supplier of condenser units and hermetic systems to manufacturers of refrigerated display cases. As a result, over the years, Rivacold has achieved an important position as a manufacturer and distributor of components in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

RIVACOLD is a company belonging to the VAG group together with VITRIFRIGO, which consists of 14 companies with more than 1,000 employees. VITRIFRIGO is a manufacturer of refrigerators, mini bars and air conditioning equipment for hotels, offices, the maritime industry, the dairy industry and the truck industry.

The product range of RIVACOLD in the field of heat exchangers consists of the following products:

– Freon air coolers (evaporators) with direct expansion series:

compact air coolers for refrigerated cabinets

compact air coolers series RSR

corner air coolers series RSV

corner air coolers series RSI / RSIX 250-350

air coolers (evaporators) CUBIC series RC / RCX / RCS 250, RCMR / RCMRX 350-450

air coolers (evaporators) CUBIC series RCBR 500-630

ceiling double-sided evaporators series RDF 250, RDF / RDFX 350, RDFR 500


– Air-cooled condensers and gas coolers CO2 series:

air-cooled freon condensers (vertical) series RRC

air-cooled freon condensers (horizontal) series RRS

CO2 gas coolers series RRCX 500-630-800-1000

CO2 gas coolers series RRSX 500-630

compact capacitors

static evaporators series REC, VR, ESR

Master Frigo Sales has in its warehouse throughout the year for prompt delivery to customers commercial evaporators of the RSI, RCS, RDF and RCMR series, and other products from the Rivacold program are imported for its customers according to specific project needs.