Design and engineering of refrigeration systems

Licensed mechanical and electrical engineers with decades of experience in the field of thermotechnics.

Extensive experience in the field of dairy industry, meat, bakery industry, processing and freezing of fruits and vegetables, distribution centers, supermarkets.


Design and construction of freon and ammonia cooling installations:


  1. Minus refrigeration lager chambers for meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, ice cream…
  2. Plus cooling chambers (supermarkets, distribution centers, smaller and larger storage chambers)
  3. Dual mode cooling chambers
  4. Stationary (batch) tunnels for freezing fruits, vegetables and meat
  5. Flowing (continuous) tunnels for freezing fruits and vegetables
  6. Cooling chambers for meat processing
  7. Shock cooling chamber for quick freezing of dough in the bakery industry
  8. ULO chambers
  9. Chillers


In addition to refrigeration equipment, we offer delivery and installation of the following equipment:


  1. Refrigerated polyurethane sandwich panels
  2. Refrigerator doors for minus and plus cooling chambers
  3. Sanitary moldings
  4. Shelving constructions
  5. Lighting
  6. Central management and monitoring