Dixell, Italy is one of the leaders in the field of electronic regulation and control in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning and belongs to the group of Emerson Electric Co.

Master Frigo Sales has been in business with Dixell for over 25 years.

Dixell’s product range includes the following products:

  • Controllers for cooling systems
  • Parameter controllers for cooling systems
  • Controllers for multiplex showcases
  • Controllers for electronic expansion valves
  • Controllers for cooling chambers
  • Special controllers for refrigerated display cases, trucks, for refrigerant leakage monitoring, for pharmaceutical applications
  • Compressor controllers (multi-packs) for freon and CO2 refrigeration installations
  • Fan speed controllers
  • Humidity, temperature and pressure controllers
  • Controllers for condensing units
  • Temperature and overheating controllers
  • Soft starters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Controllers for air conditioning systems
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Programmable controllers
  • Sensors
  • Accessories with controllers (batteries, transformers, modems, etc.)

In the domestic market, Dixell has taken a leading position thanks to its exceptional quality, wide range of applications and affordable price.

Dixell controllers are used in supermarkets, refrigerated display cases, the dairy, bakery, meat industries, as well as in refrigerators for fruit and vegetable processing.

Dixell’s XWEB500 monitoring system has also proven to be an extremely compact, reliable and cost-effective solution that fully meets the HACCP standard.