The very beginnings of MASTER FRIGO date back to the early 80’s when it all started with the RMC FRIGO service. In that period, service performed servicing of commercial and home refrigeration devices.

In 1993, DANFOSS was chosen as a partner in the field of placement of hermetic compressors and automation, which represents a turning point in the development of our business. At that time, cooperation began with other leading European manufacturers of refrigeration equipment – compressors, evaporators, condensers,…

As a result of the increase in the volume of business, the need was soon created to establish a company that would accept the increased volume of business.

At the beginning of 1994, the company MASTER FRIGO was founded. Today it is a leading company in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Southeast Europe.

In 2001, MASTER FRIGO was named by DANFOOSS the most successful company in Southeast Europe (Danube Region) for 26,585 pcs. hermetic reciprocating household compressors sold.

The same year, MASTER FRIGO received a Certificate, thus becoming an authorized distributor of DANFOSS for Serbia and Montenegro.

In 2002, the number of hermetic reciprocating compressors sales doubled from 50,000 compressors sold, and we maintained the trend of increasing sales in 2003 with 60,000 pcs. compressors sold.

Also, we would like to emphasize that in the previous period the company MASTER FRIGO has implemented a large number of projects in the field of ammonia and freon refrigeration installations in almost all industrial areas (breweries, meat Industry, milk industry, cold rooms…)

In addition to the parent company in Serbia, MASTER FRIGO has two subsidiaries in Zagreb (TMC FRIGO) and Banja Luka (MASTER FRIGO) with its local warehouses.

From the central warehouse in Belgrade (which is one of the largest warehouses of refrigeration equipment in Southeast Europe) we cover the markets of the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Albania, etc.

Due to the increase in volume, complexity of work and the intention of the owner of the company, Mr. Radoje Cvetic, to separate the business of MASTER FRIGO in different sectors (sales of refrigeration equipment, design and installation of refrigeration, purchase and sale of frozen fruit, production and sale of frozen fruit and dairy products ), 02/01/2017 MASTER FRIGO owner establishes two subsidiaries:


  1. MASTER FRIGO SALES – import and sales of refrigeration equipment and parts for refrigeration systems
  2. MASTER FRIGO PROJECT – design, installation and service of cooling systems

Today, the companies MASTER FRIGO SALES and MASTER FRIGO PROJEKT have over 40 full-time employees (licensed mechanical and electrical engineers, qualified frigomechanics, electricians, locksmiths…), and if necessary, workers are hired to perform individual tasks.

In addition to the companies MASTER FRIGO SALES and MASTER FRIGO PROJEKT, MASTER FRIGO owns the companies PK Zlatibor, Užice and MASTER FRUITS, Požega.

The number of employees has exceeded the number of 350 and is growing every year.