Gomax is a brand of Transfer Oil S.p.A., Italy for flexible hoses and fittings in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Transfer Oil Company S.p.A. was founded in 1979. and today is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic flexible hoses for medium, high and extremely high pressures.

Gomax products are intended to replace solid copper pipes when connecting pressure and suction lines, pressure switches, manometers, equalization and oil return lines.

The use of flexible hoses in refrigeration and air conditioning systems does not simplify installation work, but also eliminates problems caused by vibrations of copper pipes, reduces noise levels and vibration transmission thus eliminating the risk of pipe bursting and coolant leakage.

The product range of Gomax flexible hoses includes the following series of products:

  • QUADRA system-includes thermoplastic flexible capillary hoses DN2, DN4 and DN6, brass and steel fittings and tools used to assemble components
  • ZERO system – includes thermoplastic and anti-vibration hoses for air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • INFINITY system – includes thermoplastic flexible hoses and welding fittings and rotalock fittings

Master Frigo Sales has in its sales program for prompt delivery from stock capillary hoses QUADRA DN2, DN4 and DN6, fittings and tools for mounting Gomax components.

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