Hanghzou Weiguang Electronic Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of various types of motor fans. The company has a Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2000 and a Certificate ISO 14001.

Weiguang’s product range includes:

  • Electronic (EC) controlled radial and axial fans (ECC, ECF, ECM)
  • Axial (AC) fans with fixed speed (4/6-pole fans, single-phase and three-phase) (YWF)
  • Centrifugal fans (LXF)
  • Motor fans (YZF)

Master Frigo Sales has in its stock single-phase axial AC fans of the YWF series with a propeller diameter of 250 mm to 500 mm as well as three-phase axial AC fans with a propeller diameter of 400 to 630 mm.




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