Sales of refrigerant equipment

Sales and distribution of freon and ammonia refrigeration equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our team of engineers and sales representatives will provide you with the best advice and service.

The largest refrigeration equipment warehouse in Southeast Europe.

In addition to the central warehouse located in Belgrade, Master Frigo owns its subsidiaries in Zagreb, Croatia (TMC Frigo) and Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Master Frigo Banja Luka).

We also have our partner companies in Montenegro and Macedonia.

For the last 20 years, Master Frigo has been the largest distributor of Danfoss consumables (Danfoss compressors, valves, controllers, automation…) for the South East Europe region.

For more than 15 years, Master Frigo has been the exclusive authorized distributor of refrigerants (freons) of the highest quality supplier Global Refrigerants. The following CFCs are represented in our sales program: R 22, R 141b, R 406A, R 134a, R 404A, R 507A, R 407C and R 410A which are sold in EN non-returnable bottles of 10.9 kg, 11.3 kg and 13 , 4 kg depending on the type of freon. Freons are of certified quality according to the ARI 700 standard.

Master Frigo exports refrigeration equipment to customers in the surrounding countries (Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, etc.).


In addition, we are the leading distributors of refrigeration equipment:

  1. Bitzer reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, receivers, compressor units
  2. Güntner evaporators and condensers
  3. Dorin compressors
  4. Tecumseh compressors
  5. Maneurop compressors
  6. Rivacold evaporators
  7. HTS condenser
  8. Lu-Ve evaporators and condensers
  9. Dixell controllers
  10. Esk Shultze armature
  11. EBM Papst fans
  12. Castel valves
  13. Transfer Oil plastic hoses and fittings
  14. Frigomec receivers
  15. DENA filter dryers
  16. BASF polyurethane components
  17. Seven Frigo refrigerator door
  18. WITT cooling pumps and regulators
  19. Pego electrical panel
  20. Ugur showcases
  21. FIC milk coolers, lactofreezers
  22. Refco manometers, vacuum pumps, tools