Danfoss Optyma

Danfoss Optyma compressor-condensing units

Danfoss Optyma compressor-condensing units are divided into three basic groups:


  1. Optyma slim pack – a new series of affordable units
  2. Optyma plus – standard series of units
  3. Optyma plus inverter – units with frequency regulator for capacity regulation


Optyma consist of:

  1. Hermetic compressor (with frequency regulator in Inverter version)
  2. Capacitor
  3. Fan with speed regulation
  4. Housing (soundproof and with door in Optyma Plus and Inverter versions)
  5. High and low pressure switch
  6. Compressor oil heater
  7. Filter dryer, visible glass, receiver with rotary valves
  8. Electrical box factory coated
  9. Digital controller (Optyma Plus and Iverter version)



Primer katalog 1

  Primer katalog 2

  Primer katalog 3