EBM Papst

EBM Papst fans

As a world leader in fan and motor innovation with more than 15,000 different products, EBM-PAPST has ideal solutions for virtually all refrigeration and design requirements.

If there is no suitable product on offer, a team of 650 engineers and technicians is available for professional assistance.

For decades, thanks to modern technology, quality, economy and reliability, EBM PAPST has managed to create a company that today is a leader in the production of these parts.

MASTER FRIGO SALES delivers to its customers axial fans-series “S” in single-phase and three-phase versions, Q motor fans, propellers and fan blades.

The axial fans of the new “S” series consist of a simply designed propeller made of steel plates. These fans are mainly used in cooling, heating and ventilation. Compared to the old series, the new “S” series is characterized by lower noise levels, increased precision and efficiency.

The “Q” engine is produced in standard and frigo-standard models. Frigo-standard model is specially adapted for use in refrigeration technology.