Pego S.r.l. is an Italian company specializing in the production of digital controllers, electrical panels and humidifiers in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

For the past 20 years, Pego S.r.l. has reached a leading position in the production of electrical panels for cooling systems.

The production program of Pego S.r.l. includes the following products:

  • Electronic thermostats and hygrostats (NANO series)
  • Modular electronic controllers (series PEV, VISION, VISION TOUCH, PLUS 100)
  • Electrical panels (series BASE, EXPERT, PLUS, PLUS EXPERT, NANO VD, APE)
  • Monitoring and control systems (TELENET WEB series, EXPERT GSM, TWM 3)
  • Alarm systems (EXPERT GSM, ECP APE 03, MICRO P)
  • Humidifiers (ES-MINI series, ES, ES-OEM, ES-OEM C, ES-OEM CCU)
  • Lighting for cooling chambers (EXPERT LED series, EXPERT LED LV, EXPERT LED MEAT, EXPERT LED EMERGENCY)

Master Frigo Sales d.o.o. as a longtime partner of Pego S.r.l. has in its sales program for delivery from stock products from the segment of Electrical panels series BASE, PLUS EXPERT and APE, and other products can be ordered for our customers depending on individual needs.