Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for freon refrigeration systems – DORIN

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from the Italian manufacturer DORIN have long been known in our market as reliable and high quality compressors.

MASTER FRIGO SALES offers its customers H-series compressors, volume flow 4.42 m3 / h to 244.78 m3 / h and nominal power of the compressor electric motor from 0.5HP to 90HP, which are characterized by the following characteristics:

– high C.O.P. values ​​thanks to fluid-dynamic optimization, highly efficient motors and quality components

– compatibility with all basic refrigerants R 404A, R 134a, R 407C, R 507A, R 407F, R 407A, R 448A, R 449A, R 450A, R 513A, R 452A

– low noise level

– low vibration level thanks to optimized mass balance

– low gas pulsations

– possibility of working with frequency regulator

– standard electrical box IP65

MASTER FRIGO SALES offers delivery of all the most important spare parts for H-series reciprocating compressors.