Bitzer condensing units

Bitzer condensing units

As far as Bitzer units are concerned, the Bitzer Ecostar series of compressor-condenser units would stand out the most.

These units are intended for installation in urban areas where the noise level is extremely important.

That is why all condenser fans are delivered with speed control.

Bitzer reciprocating compressors are also supplied with a frequency regulator, which achieves capacity regulation as well as lower noise levels.

These units are ideal for the needs of the market where we have a large number of plus or minus showcases and smaller chambers.

They have all the necessary elements for easy installation: stand with housing, filter drier, sight glass, receiver, digital controller that controls the operation of the compressor and condenser fan, high and low freight pressure switch, oil…

During installation, it is only necessary to bring the power supply and piping to the unit. Everything is factory connected.