Danfoss automation

Danfoss automation

Master Frigo Sales is a leading distributor of DANFOSS refrigeration equipment and components for freon and ammonia refrigeration systems in the Danube region.

We offer our business partners a complete range of components that provide automated and reliable operation of the complete freon and ammonia refrigeration plant.

As the most important components from DANFOSS’s program for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, we would just mention the following:

  • Thermo-expansion valves for freon cooling systems series TES (R 404A), TEN (R 134a), TEZ (R 407C), TEX (R 22), TEA (NH3)
  • EVR and EVO solenoid valves (for freons) and EVRA (for NH3)
  • Electronic expansion valves AKV (for freons) and AKVA (for NH3)
  • Electric expansion valves of the new COLIBRI series – ETS models
  • Filter dryers DCL / DML (with fixed filter) and DCR (with variable filter cartridge)
  • GBC shut-off valves
  • ICS main control valves with corresponding pilot valves EVM / CVP / CVPP, CVQ for 1 and 3 pilot valves
  • Main 2-stage solenoid valves ICLX with two pilot valves EVM (NC) / EVM (NO)
  • ICM motorized valves with ICAD actuator
  • Commercial KP and industrial RT thermostats and pressure switches
  • ADAP KOOL digital controllers and monitoring systems (AK-PC controllers, AK-CC refrigeration controllers, EKE liquid level controllers, AK-SM monitoring devices)
  • AKS pressure transmitters and temperature probes
  • Ammonia stop valves (SVA-S), oil drain valves (QDV), service valves (SNV-ST), control valves (REG), one-way valves (CHV-X), one-way stop valves (SCA-X), filters (FIA), double stop valves (DSV) with safety valves (SFA)
  • Overflow valves (OFV), level glass (LLG)
  • ICF valve stations and spare parts for valve stations

Master Frigo Sales has the largest part of the Danfoss freon and ammonia refrigeration uutomation program in stock for prompt delivery throughout the year, ensuring the fastest possible delivery of equipment to customers and immediate resolution of their problems.