Baltimore Aircoil – BAC


Evaporative condensers for industrial refrigeration – BAC

BAC is a global leader in the development, production and distribution of evaporative or hybrid refrigeration products.

Since its founding in 1938. BAC continues to invest in the development of new technologies and production facilities around the world together with a highly qualified local service network.

For industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and condensing of process steam, the company MASTER FRIGO SALES supplies its customers for industrial ammonia refrigeration systems evaporative condensers manufactured by BAC.

BAC has the following products in its product range:

– Open cooling towers series VT0 / 1, VTL-E, S1500E, S3000E, PTE, RCT, FXT

– Closed cooling towers series VXI, VFL, HFL, FXVS, FXVT, PFI, HXI, NEXUS

– Evaporative capacitors series VXC, VCL, VERTEX, POLAIRIS, CXVE, CXV-D, PCE, HXC, TVC

– Coolers and condensers for adiabatic cooling series TVFC, TVC

– Ice water pools series TSU-C / D, TSU-M, TSC

– Water treatment and filtration equipment series BCP-2D, BCP-3D

In the market of Serbia and the region, the most important are evaporative condensers with centrifugal fans of the VXC series, which are characterized by reliable operation, compactness, quiet operation and are available in 71 models in the condensing capacity range from 60 kW to 6920 kW.