Bitzer kcompressors

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors of the new ECOLINE series for freon refrigeration systems – BITZER

The semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors of the new ECOLINE series are highly efficient and robust constructions with an improved efficiency of 12% compared to the previous generation of reciprocating compressors thanks to optimized valve plates, reduced losses in refrigerant flow in the compressor, reduced gas pulsations at compressor thrust and special high-efficiency electric compressor motors.

ECOLINE reciprocating compressors are designed to operate with a frequency converter in the range of 30-70 Hz (compressor series CE3) and in the range of 25-70 Hz (series BE6). In this way, the cooling capacity of the installation can be adjusted to the cooling needs.

From the production program of BITZER, we single out the following:

Semi-hermetic single-stage reciprocating compressors (0.5 HP – 70 HP)

Semi-hermetic single-stage reciprocating compressors of the new ECOLINE series are divided into several segments-CE1, CE2, CE3, CE4, BE5, BE6 and CE8 with a flow rate of 4.06 m3 / h to 221 m3 / h and designed to work with refrigerants R 134a , R 404A, R 407A, R 407C, R 407F, R 507A and R 22 as well as with new HFO refrigerants with low global warming and HFO / HFC blends.


ECOLINE compressors cover the entire field of application – refrigeration systems, air conditioning and heat pumps and which meet all the requirements of modern refrigeration systems:

– extended application range-R 134a to Tc = 85 °C, R 404A / R 507A to Tc = 62 °C

– energy efficiency – high cooling capacity and minimum energy consumption

– high quality crankshaft, bearings and piston rings

– quiet operation with low gas pulsation

– very compact design

– robust compressor design

– efficient capacity regulation

Semi-hermetic screw freon compressors series HS 53 / HS 64 / HS 74 / HS 85 / HS 95 (84 m3 / h – 1015 m3 / h)


Exceptional characteristics of Bitzer screw compressors:

– high capacity and efficiency thanks to the exceptional profile of the screws (ratio 5: 6 or 5: 7)

– highly efficient engines

– possibility to work with an economizer

– you have control

– precise processing of compressor parts

– simple and robust construction

– optimally dimensioned bearings

– efficient capacity control

– integrated non-return valve

– differential safety valve

– large engine capacity for direct start and partial start

– complete motor protection

– compressor overheat protection (PTC pressure sensor)

– electronic fluorescent

– fine oil filter

– suitable for working with coolants R 22, R 134a, R 404A and R 507A-other coolants on request

– low noise and vibration

– compact design

– light weight

– comprehensive accessories (oil separators, oil coolers)


In addition to reciprocating and screw compressors, MASTER FRIGO SALES offers its customers everything else from the BITZER product range:


– Semi-hermetic two-stage reciprocating Freon compressors

– Open reciprocating compressors (freon and NH3)

– Transport compressors

– Semi-hermetic and hermetic screw compressors

– Open screw compressors (freon and NH3)

– Oil separators, oil coolers, receivers

– Air cooled condenser units

– Hermetic freon scroll compressors

– Spare parts for reciprocating and screw compressors, original oils for Bitzer compressors