Frigomec S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer founded in 1967. and is one of the leading manufacturers of components for machines and systems used in the refrigeration industry, for food storage and transportation, and for air conditioning systems.

Frigomec has the following components in its production program:

  • Liquid freon receivers
  • Collectors
  • Suction batteries
  • Oil separators, oil level regulators, oil tanks, oil filters
  • Housing filter
  • Visible glass
  • Pulsation dampers
  • Rotalock valves
  • Drum-type heat exchangers
  • Coaxial heat exchangers

The company Master Frigo Sales has a long-term cooperation with the manufacturer Frigomec and throughout the year has in its sales program for prompt delivery from stock receivers (liquid refrigerant collectors) vertical versions with a volume of 0.93 Lit. up to 35 Lit. in 12 models.

In practice, they have proven to be very reliable and high-quality receivers with a competitive price on the market.



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