Luve Group


Lu-Ve Group is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of evaporators and condensers for refrigeration systems. They are characterized by exceptional quality and reliability in work.

The Lu-Ve Group is a blend of experience, tradition and innovation.


Lu-Ve Group is an Italian company with headquarters and production plant in Uboldo, Varese and employs over 3,500 skilled workers (over 1,100 in Italy) and 83% of production is exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

In its production program, Lu We Group has the following product groups:

– Commercial freon air coolers (evaporators) series MINIMAGIC, FHD, FHC, FHJ, BMA, SMA, FHA, SHP, BHS, SHS, SHP

– Industrial freon air coolers (evaporators) series CDH, CRD, CHS, LHS, evaporators for quick freezing

– Industrial ammonia air coolers (evaporators) series LSA, CSA

– Air coolers for glycol / water series CDW, FHAW, SMDW, SHDW, FHCW, CHSW, LHSW

– Low capacity capacitors series STFT, STVF, STVF-ES, STN

– Air-cooled condensers series SAV, EAV, EHV, SHV, XAV

– Air-cooled oil / glycol coolers series SAL, EAL, EHL, XAL, XDHL, EHLD, XXLD

– CO2 gas coolers