Evaporators, air coolers, air-cooled condensers – GÜNTNER

For decades, the German manufacturer GÜNTNER has been using high-quality raw materials and perfectly adapted production technology.


The GÜNTNER product range consists of the following products:


– Air freon coolers (evaporators) with direct expansion-series:

commercial evaporators (COMPACT) series GAMC PX, GASC RX, GADC RX, GACC RX

industrial evaporators (VARIO) series DHN, GACV RX

evaporators for special applications series GBK, GADP RX, GACA RX, GFN

– Air ammonia coolers (flooded and gravity) – series:

industrial ammonia evaporators series ADHN, GACV AP

– Capacitors (air-cooled) -series:

commercial capacitors (COMPACT) series GCHC, GCVC, GCDC, GCHV

industrial capacitors (VARIO) series GCHV, GCVV, GVW, GVD, RVH, RVV

– Air-cooled oil / glycol coolers-series: GFHC, GFVC, GFDC, GFHV, GFVV, GHW, GFD

– Air coolers with glycol / water-series:

commercial refrigerators (COMPACT) series GASC FP, GADC FP, GACC FP

Industrial refrigerators (VARIO) series DGN, GACV FP, GADC FP, GGBK, GACA FP

– Gas coolers for CO2

commercial refrigerators (COMPACT) series GGHC, GGVC, GGDC

Industrial refrigerators (VARIO) series GGHV, GGVV

MASTER FRIGO SALES offers its customers prompt delivery (from stock) of commercial air coolers of the GACC RX series, and other products from the wide product range of GÜNTNER required for specific projects are purposefully imported from manufacturers and delivered to customers.