Dena line


Dena line

Rotalock shut-off valves for hermetic reciprocating compressors and liquid refrigerant collectors – DENALINE, Italy.

Denaline is an Italian manufacturer founded in 1977. and has the following products in its product range:

  • Liquid freon collectors – vertical and horizontal models (for standard coolants and CO2)
  • Receiver components (sight glass and rotalock valves)
  • Suction batteries
  • Oil tanks
  • Pulsation dampers
  • Oil separators with oil tank
  • Horizontal water cooled condensers
  • Molecular sieve filter driers and interchangeable core mechanical filters
  • Coolant valves

rotalock valves with SAE and ODS connection

   welding angle valves (for freons and CO2)

   flange valves with SAE and ODS connection for freons and CO2

   horizontal valves with O-ring connection

   panel valves

  • Double stop valves with NPT and rotalock connection
  • Safety valves
  • Cast iron valves for freon, ammonia and CO2
  • Flanges
  • Seals
  • Ball stop valves for freon, CO2 and ammonia
  • Visible glass and humidity indicators

MASTER FRIGO SALES has been cooperating with the manufacturer Denaline for more than 20 years and offers customers prompt delivery of rotalock shut-off valves in sizes from 1 “-14UNS / ODS 3/8” to 1 3/4 “-12UN / ODS 1 1/8 ” which are installed on hermetic reciprocating compressors manufactured by DANFOSS-MANEUROP and TECUMSEH as well as on FRIGOMEC receivers.

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