ESK Schultze

ESK Schultze

Components for refrigeration systems – ESK SCHULTZE

ESK Schultze is a German company founded in 1960, and since 1984. manufactures components for refrigeration systems, air conditioning and heat pumps and is present in 2 different business segments:


  • Sales of refrigeration components to long-term partners in more than 50 countries
  • ESK Schultze is a supplier of components for manufacturers (OEM) in the areas of: refrigeration systems in supermarkets, refrigeration systems in vehicles and heat pumps

Part of our distribution program are products of the German company ESK SCHULTZE. MASTER FRIGO SALES has been the exclusive distributor of ESK Schultze for Serbia for over 20 years and we can single out the following products from their production program:

  • Oil separators series OS-models OS 10-12 (12 mm) – OS 54FH (54 mm)
  • Oil tanks series OSA-models OSA 7.5 – OSA 32
  • Oil level regulators: mechanical OR series and electronic ER series
  • Oil level regulator adapters
  • Suction batteries series FA and MA
  • F and FF series oil filters
  • RV series non-return valves and RV2 and RV3 series differential valves
  • GD and GDX series pulsation dampers
  • Liquid coolant receivers:

SGS-FL1 series (up to 25 bar) for R 290, R 600a, R 717, R 723, R 1150 and R 1270

SGS-CD series (up to 45 bar) for R 410A

SGS-CDM series (up to 60 bar) for CO2

SGS-PS90 series (up to 90 bar) for CO2

ESK products have gained worldwide recognition thanks to continuous improvement and increased quality.

All products are characterized by: high efficiency, reliability, simplicity, quality and the possibility of universal application.

Master Frigo Sales offers its customers for prompt delivery from stock oil separators, oil tanks, oil level regulators, suction batteries, oil filters, non-return and differential valves and pulsation dampers, which are designed for standard refrigerants (R 404A, R 134a , R 407C), and purposefully imports from the manufacturer all other components from their production program:

  • oil separators series BOS2, BOS2-CDM (CO2), BOS3-CDH (CO2)
  • oil level regulators OSC-1 (CO2)
  • oil separators-tanks series OSR, BOS2-R, BOS3-R-CDH (CO2)
  • oil tanks OSA-CD, OSA-CDM, OSA-CDH (CO2)
  • filter driers FT-FL1 (R 290, R 600a, R 717, R 723), FT-CDM / CDH (CO2)

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